Uniview CCTV


Uniview CCTV offers revolutionary CCTV Products with the latest technology.Uniview offer video, networking, and storage committed to providing the best surveillance products & solutions and professional services to global customers.UNV CCTV is best suited for public security, traffic monitoring, park monitoring, petrochemical surveillance as well as high-end buildings and much more.Uniview CCTV Product range boasts a top quality and innovative IP range consisting of network cameras, NVRs, IP SAN, DC and VMS. Uniview NVRs which can handle 1024 cameras and can use in conjunction with its control room software which is able to control 100 000 cameras simultaneously.

UNV CCTV U-CODE Technology with H.265 Compression

Uniview CCTV FeaturesThe Uniview CCTV Systems introduce U-Code technology that dramatically reduces the Cost Factor in CCTV Installation. It is an IP camera surveillance technology that reduces bandwidth usage up to 95% without sacrificing video quality.U-code is a maximized deep compression modern technology launched by Uniview, which can reduce as much as 95% transmission capacity and no details missing. U-code utilizes IRP (Smart Region Understanding) to spot activity in each framework to make sure that any of the detail is missing. Actually, UNV CCTV Systems analyze the frame and squeeze the static areas in the frame to reduce bandwidth.

UNV CCTV  goes beyond H.265 with ultra-low bandwidth camera platform. UNV CCTV Cameras and NVR takes advantage of the power of H.265 compression. H.265 Compression provides a bandwidth reduction of 50% compared to H.264 without losing any Video Quality.When implementing  U-Code Technology along with H.265 Compression Uniview CCTV Offer storage efficiency and Bandwidth saving any of the other CCTV Brands can offer.

Uniview CCTV Smart Functions

The 4 smart features available in Uniview CCTV products. collection are face detection, breach, crossing line, and people counting.These Unique features of  Uniview CCTV Camera Products make it highly potential for any kind of challenging security applications.Crossing Line, as well as Intrusion, will certainly identify habits which break configured rules in NVR.

CCTV Face RecognitionThe CCTV Face Detection will detect faces appear in configured location. When objects are detected, IP camera will set off optional alarm systems by means of email, alarm output, snapshot, or FTP upload.At the NVR side, it supports record searching by different events (going across line, intrusion, as well as face detection). In the upcoming version, Uniview NVR can support snapshot retrieval preview.Regarding People counting, IP cam counts the people movement in various entrances and the outcomes will store in  Uniview NVR for data statistics.